Omnipotent Industries Pvt Ltd. The name synergies with a young and a vibrant 6-year-old organization led by a visionary and dynamic entrepreneur Mr. Prince Shah who has over 20 years of experience in the Bitumen industry. With a year over year growth of over 200%, the company has established itself into the Bitumen Industry as a key player establishing a strong brand presence. While its main business is managing the import and sale of bulk and packaged bitumen, the company is now expanding into base oil and polymers. Mr. Prince Shah’s (founder and managing director) personal and professional history can be traced on the same lines having learnt the tricks of trade during his stint at Global Enterprises and other ventures. A commerce graduate, Mr. Shah founded Krushstar Industry Pvt.Ltd, served as a General Manager at TikiTar Industry Baroda Pvt.Ltd. (South India) and a General Plant Manager at Southern Asphalt (Karnataka) before finally setting up omnipotent industries. The company based out of Mumbai has superior infrastructure conveniences combined with technology skills to provide the best trading services. When it comes to solutions and services in a fast, quality rich manner, strict attention on security quality and sturdiness of the complete infrastructure setup keeps them a step ahead.

With over 11 JV’s and 2 branches, pan India, the company has a corporate hierarchy structure with on experienced and diversified workforce – A one of its kind in the Bitumen Industry. Having traded 1.2 Lacs MT (with indenting) in business year 2020-21, the company has been able to sell products at market realistic lowest prices with 100% quality material in India.

Omnipotent Industries is also the only consultant in India offering end to end project management services right from site identification to plant handover with certifications. The company witnessed 2 stellar achievements in 2019 and 2020. Mr. Shah had a one-to-one meeting with honourable consulate general of Iran, Mr. A.M. Alikhani in India in 2019. In 2020, Mr. Shah and his team were instrumental in successfully bringing an impact consignment ship of base oil SN 130 total quantity 20,00 MT ship sea Delta at Hazira Port from Pertamina Refinery, Indonesia.

The company prides itself on their values of keeping customers first and has a vision to be the number one in the segment. With a robust network across 17 states and an inspiring workforce and a leader, Omnipotent Industries is all set to ring in some exceptional numbers in the near future!