• Damji Nenshi Estate. Mumbai. India.


  • A 100% Customer oriented organization

  • More than 2 Branches and over 11 JVs Pan-India

  • Traded 1.2 Lacs MT (with indenting) in Business Year 2020-21

  • Vision is to be the unique and no.1 into the Bitumen Industries

  • The company has been able to sell the Bitumen and Bituminous products at market realistic lowest price with 100% quality material in India

  • Company has the track record of selling largest volumes at Pan India level.

  • The management of the company has been part of management of companies to consume 70% of the total imports taking place in India

  • Diverse and experienced workforce with a corporate structure hierarchy with a 25+ sales team - A first of its kind in the Bitumen Industry

  • Key Player in market for pricing decisions

  • Multi-operations model. Only consultant in Indian who does projects from site identification to handover of plant with certifications

  • Network across 17 states - A first of its kind in the Bitumen industry

  • 1-1 & personal connect amongst 15 top Indian Importers

  • Mr. Prince Shah is the founder member of Bitumen India Forum

  • Established as a strong brand in the market in a span of over 4 years with a Y-o-Y growth of 200

  • The only BSE SME listed company in Bitumen Industry.

  • Guaranteed Lowest price with best quality.

  • Company owned Warehousing and Decanting facility.

  • Company operates from 5 offices, 50+ professional staff and 11 automated software Pan India presence and Pan India supply loading options.

  • Single company who gives support, solution, and resources from procurement to delivery.

Mission & Vision:

We are here, “To give everyone, the power to create and achieve the reach instantly in Bitumen Industries, without barriers.”

“The Future cannot be predicted. It must be built upon our conscience, our own
set of values, sense of right and wrong & the legacy we want to leave for future generation.

The responsibility starts and ends with each of us as individuals.”

Our vision is the north star of an organization. We strongly believe to increase customer relationship & their reliability in this business. We are using innovative ideas & strategies. Our vision is to be the unique and no.1 into the Bitumen Industries. Our mission defines our organizational strength. We have professional staff, ethics management and perfect planning to fulfill our missions.


  • Increase Import capacity on all the ports of India
  • Increase number of customer base with their reliability

  • Create Sales & base across the India

  • Increase the number of Joint Ventures


  • We are in process of joint-venture with Gulf countries refineries.

  • We are in process of Exporting our product in African Countries.

  • We are in process of operating office in Dubai for Import and Export.

  • We are in process of building company owned processing units across several states.