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PVC is an acronym for Polyvinyl Chloride which is most commonly used thermoplastic polymers worldwide. Pure PVC is white in color and brittle.

C2H3CLChemical Formula of PVC

C – Carbon – 2 molecule

H – Hydrogen – 3 molecule

Cl – Chloride -1 – molecule

Forms of PVC

There are 2 forms of PVC – Rigid PVC & Flexible PVC

Rigid PVC is used in construction of Pipe, Doors, Making Bottles and food covering sheet.

Flexible PVC is used in plumbering electrical cable insulation, imitation leather, etc.

Manufacturers and Suppliers

About half of the world’s PVC is produced in China followed by Japan, North America and Western Europe.


  • Finolex Industries
  • Astral Pipes
  • Prince Pipes and Fitting
  • Ashirvad Pipes Pvt Ltd

Grades of PVC

PVC in Indian Market

The  demand for PVC in India witnessed an impressive CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) and is projected to achieve CAGR of over 6.8%  by 2030. Total capacity of PVC in India is 1,640 KTA (Kilo Ton  per annum) with Reliance Industries holding maximum share in its production. As India holds limited capacity to produce PVC, a sufficient demand of PVC is met through imports from other countries. Major players in Indian PVC market are Reliance Industries, Finolex Industries Ltd, Chemplast Sanmar Ltd, DCW Ltd, DCM Shriram Ltd, LG Chem , Formosa Plastics Group.