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Bitumen is a type of petroleum product found in natural deposits or may be a refined product.  It is sticky black and highly viscous liquid or semi-solid form. “Heavier” Bitumen is the result of distillation of bitumen which removes lighter crude oil components like gasoline and diesel. Bitumen can be further refined numerous times. It is also found naturally in the form of deposits at the bottom of ancient lakes where prehistoric animals have decayed and been exposed to heat and pressure.

The types of bitumen which considered are fine quality bitumen 60/70 and bitumen 85/100. Bitumen VG-30 is a fine quality product used in spraying application such as paving and surface dressing in very cold climate. Road construction accounts for around 70 % of usage of bitumen. It is mainly used in bituminous waterproofing system where in production of roofing felt and for sealing flat roofs.

Bitumen constituents of complicated hydrocarbon mixture that includes calcium, iron, sulphur, and oxygen. The quality of the substance and the simplicity with which it may be produced is determined by the source and type of crude oil used. Bitumen is mostly used in the construction industry and was first employed for its natural adhesive and waterproofing properties. It has also been used as a medication in the past.

Omnipotent Industries Limited  is the leading distributor and importer of packed of bitumen in India for all grades.  There are four grades of bitumen, VG-30 is one of them. VG is known for ‘viscosity grade.’ This term is used to denote the quality and specific purpose of that particular type of bitumen. Bitumen VG-30 is mostly used in construction of paving roads to bear the heavy traffic. It can also be used in place of bitumen 60/70 penetration grade. We at Omnipotent Industries supply highly tested quality bitumen (VG-30) to the markets across India. Latest technology is being used by our experts to test the quality of our product because of which our product is reliable and long-lasting.

VG-30 a type of bitumen that is created during the oxidation of the vacuum bottom in a distillation tower and is classified according to its viscosity. The most prevalent application of bitumen VG-30 is in the construction of extra-heavy-duty Bitumen pavements that must withstand high traffic loads. VG30 is also used in the road, waterproofing, and building construction industries, as well as in the production of cutback bitumen. It can be used instead of Penetration grade 60/70. It is the most appropriate for usage in hot and rainy weather, as well as in milder climates.

The core activity of Omnipotent Industries Limited is to manage the Import & sales of bulk & packed Bitumen as well as other bituminous products across India. They also have a huge experience of building Joint Ventures, unique and dynamic profit maximisation strategies, and information & marketing with full proof planning, Bitumen & Bituminous product plant setup end to end solution from identification of land to impart training & making policy with staff on marketing & quality testing.