With a focus on new ideas & innovations in the Bitumen Industry, Omnipotent Industries Pvt Ltd. was established in Mumbai in 2016 to carry on the existing bitumen business of Global Enterprises & it’s Organization. The group has a vast experience & expertise headed by Mr. Prince P. Shah – Founder & Executive Director of Omnipotent Industries Pvt. Ltd. & who transitioned Global Enterprises, a proprietary firm into Omnipotent – A Team single headedly looking into all dimensions of Bitumen business with dedicated expertise.

Mr. Shah is ably supported by Mr. Punit Popat who is driven by a strong passion to be a successful entrepreneur and is the Director of Omnipotent Industries Pvt. Ltd. A biotechnology engineer from VVP Engineering College, Punit has been associated with distinct successful ventures in the areas of bio-services, engineering education and petrochemical services. Mr. Punit has served as a founding member and an executive director at various startups. With an objective to fast-pace already successful entrepreneurship career, Mr. Punit joined hands with Mr. Prince Shah and Omnipotent in 2017. Since then the team has never looked back and together have scaled many milestones with the help of strong and dedicated passion driven team.

Today the organization deals into various line of products and services alongwith providing project consultancies.


Bitumen or Asphalt as it is known in the US, is a sticky black and highly viscous liquid or semi-solid, petroleum-based substance that is utilised chiefly for binding stones and producing asphalt for the construction of roads. The bulk of bitumen, around the world, is conceived by the distillation of crude oil. There are varieties of bitumen that are perceived as prime quality bitumen, viz, bitumen 60/70 and bitumen 85/100.

Base Oils are used to manufacture products including lubricants (greases), motor oil and metal processing fluids. They are produced by refining crude oil that is heated to produce distillates distinctive from the other. The varying types of crude oils used extensively is a sort of paraffinic crude oil and naphthenic crude oil, which are used to actualise goods at low temperatures.

Polyvinyl Chloride or PVC is the world’s third-most extensively produced polymerised plastic material. It is both rigid and pliable. The market for PVC in India witnessed a remarkable CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) and is predicted to realise a CAGR of over 6.8% by 2030. India produces a limited amount of PVC, hence, the demand for it is generally met by importing them from other countries.

With an ever expanding product base, the organization recently added to their success –Omnipotent Industries reached another milestone on 21st Sept 2021 having won the Best Fastest Growing Business of the Year 2021 presented by the Pride of India Icon Award 2021. The event organized by the DPITA & Filmora Media Network was held at Hotel Kohinoor Continental (Andheri) & was attended by noted personalities and celebrities from the film industry – Yuvika Chaudhary, Sherlyn Chopra & others. The award was received by Mr. Prince Shah – Founder & Managing Director of Omnipotent Industries Pvt. Ltd who has been instrumental in taking the company where it is today.

With a robust network across 17 states and an inspiring workforce and a leader, Omnipotent Industries is all set to ring in some exceptional numbers in the near future by actually being the Best Fastest Growing Business of the Year 2021

Visit us at www.omnipotent.co.in or call us at 7400152424/9448281224 to know more.